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The most creative advertisement for Nokia Lumia 920 so far

Recently Nokia China have been promoting its Lumia 920/920T in a very big way, trying to win more consumers’ hearts by showing off the most innovative smartphone in the world so far. In one of the recent efforts pulled out by Nokia China, namely the Switch Pitch China campaign, A very creative and funny advertisement, featuring a cat, surfaces and grasps lots of attention in the cyberspace in China (Check the video that I’ve uploaded onto Youtube about how such an adorable cat enjoys its owner’s Nokia Lumia 920)

The story basically goes like:

While its owner is sleeping, the cat suddenly eyes on a stunning Lumia 920 lying on top of a small ‘pillow’. What will it do? Will the curiosity kill the cat? Of course not in this case. Contrararily, it enjoys a fish feast with the assistance of Lumia 920!

Curious about what this cat does? It…

crouches on the wireless charging pillow while the phone is being charged;

opens the Nokia City Lens as its claw touches the supersensitive screen;

finds a great sushi restaurant for a fish feast via City Lens;

navigates to the restaurant using Nokia maps;

takes a photo of the restaurant using the awesome PureView camera under low light condition;

wipes out the unexpected passerby in the image thanks to Nokia Smart Shoot;

shares the image instantly from its owners’ Weibo account (Weibo, an Chinese counterpart of Twitter, is well integrated into the WP system in China), and friends of the cat’s owner immediately get the message and come to join in;

Finally it enjoys the fish,  and, those friends arrive and are astounded by the fact that it is the cat that makes this gathering call!…

(Love this story and the perfect integration of Nokia Lumia 920’s strengths into the ad!)