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More leaks for Nokia Lumia 1520

Thanks to a post on Kuqi website, China, more photos of the first Nokia phablet, which will be running Windows Phone 8 GDR3 and featuring a 20megapixel PureView camera and Snapdragon 800.

Check them below:




Two versions of Nokia EOS already in production stage?

Yes, we’ve already seen a ton of leaks about Nokia EOS, the upcoming flagship WP8 device featuring 41Megapixel and optical stablisation (as what you can see on 808 PureView and Lumia 920 separately) in its camera module, thanks to ViziLeaks and other anominous sources. What you would expect is a Lumia 920 variant with a huge camera huge, as shown below:

Lumia 920 on the left and EOS right

Lumia EOS back

The diameter for the protruding part is about 1/3 of the length of the phone, which is pretty conspicuous. The polycarbonate body on the EOS are in, at least, black, yellow and red, according to different sources of leaks. Some people may wonder, why Nokia keeps using polycarbonate rather than alluminum which can be found on the recent announced 925? Well, for those of you who love metal feel, Nokia has something to cater your taste, too. A recent leak on Weibo shows off the alluminum body variant of the EOS, and it’s indeed sexy, isnt it?


Found something different? Yes, apart from the metal chassis, the hole for camera module seems a bit smaller than that one the previously leaked polycarbonate EOS, this might indicate two things: 1), same camera module size but the alluminum version has a larger body (indicating a bigger screen); 2), same body size but the metal EOS packs with a smaller camera module.

So far there is no further leaks regarding this metal variant, and we are not sure whether this is just an engineering prototype at early stage or it is indeed in mass production (as you can notice in the background there are lots of such bodys lying around). Anyway, we do believe Nokia is using similar approach for EOS as to 92X series. As July 11th is approaching, we are looking forward to what’s really in Nokia’s sleeves.

Nokia’s next big event to unveil the long-awaited EOS

Righto, guys! Finally Nokia decides to get itself involved in the swirl of rumours and leaks of Nokia EOS, which would harness the beasty camera found on PureView 808, by announcing the date for its next big event.

11th July in New York, we are going to witness the birth of Nokia EOS, a camera-oriented WP8 smartphone, which is supposed to combine the 41MegaPixel sensor (for lossless zoom) and optical stablisation into the next generation of PureView!

28 days to go, guys, what else do you expect apart from Nokia EOS?

Nokia’s London event will be livestreamed tomorrow

Evleaks rocks again, and leaks the Lumia 925 which is supposed to be announced tomorrow, so, check it out:

NOKIA LUMIA 925 @evleaks


With announcing the Asha 210, Asha 501, and Lumia 928, Nokia has been quite busy for the last couple of weeks, and this week is definitely going to be the climax for the recent tides of announcement for Nokia, as it will be holding an event at 10am (GMT+1) Tuesday this week in London. A teaser about the new generation of Lumia was aired last night on a TV channel here in the UK, showing off the lens and LED lights on the phone and claiming it is something ‘more than your eyes can see’.

The event will be livestreamed at Nokia Conversations, mark it in your calendar and you cannot miss it.

A Special Lumia Event will be on in London, May 14th, 2013

Lumia story continues

Yes, after months of speculations and leaking information of the upcoming Lumia device, finally we are getting there. Nokia will hold a special event in London to unveil its next product/products, and story of Lumia certainly will continue.

Lumia 928 might see the light in London during this event, but it makes more sense if Nokia teams up with Verizon for an event in the US, as Lumia 928 is said to be a Verizon-exclusive phone for US market. It’s very likely for ‘Catwalk’ to be shown on May 14th and replace Lumia 920’s duty of being a flagship phone. How about ‘EOS”? It might be there as well, but less likely, as Nokia needs schedule its star product smartly to compete with Apple’s iPhone 5s or 6 (whatever). Tom Warren of the Verge said this event can also be prepared for a Nokia tablet as well, which certainly would be a surprise for all Nokia fans!

Anyway, just 19 days to wait, stay tuned for more updates.

Nokia teases Solar Charging in their facebook page

Nokia teases Solar Charging in their facebook page

sun sun sun, here we come

Nokia’s official facebook page shows the picture above yesterday with a caption saying ‘sun sun sun, here we come’. You know, a picture speaks more than a thousand words, this photo with such a caption strongly indicates that Nokia’s solar charging technology is ripe for commercialization. Solar charging can be quite useful when you are outdoors or in the middle of nowhere, dear Nokia fans, aren’t you guys excited about the upcoming new Lumias harnessing solar charging?

A high-end Nokia phone surfaces in China Unicom’s handset list


This above snapshot is taken from the official list for China Unicom 21M Handsets, the full snapshot can be viewed here. China Unicom, the second largest wireless carrier in China, has listed 52 different smartphone types from Apple, Samsung, Nokia, LG, HTC, SONY, and a bunch of Chinese handset makers, among which there are 7 nokia handsets included.

In the snapshot above there is a mysterious Nokia phone, which is set to be released in June 2013, list as No.37 and codenamed as ‘C?’. Can it be the long-rumoured Catwalk? Or even EOS?  Well, it can be guaranteed for now that this upcoming phone is a high-end Lumia to follow Lumia 920. According to the remark, this unknown Nokia phone is listed in the ‘star product’ category, the same category containing iPhone, Galaxy S4 and Lumia 920, etc.

Wait and behold, more information regarding this mysterious ‘C?’ will be shared!

The most creative advertisement for Nokia Lumia 920 so far

Recently Nokia China have been promoting its Lumia 920/920T in a very big way, trying to win more consumers’ hearts by showing off the most innovative smartphone in the world so far. In one of the recent efforts pulled out by Nokia China, namely the Switch Pitch China campaign, A very creative and funny advertisement, featuring a cat, surfaces and grasps lots of attention in the cyberspace in China (Check the video that I’ve uploaded onto Youtube about how such an adorable cat enjoys its owner’s Nokia Lumia 920)

The story basically goes like:

While its owner is sleeping, the cat suddenly eyes on a stunning Lumia 920 lying on top of a small ‘pillow’. What will it do? Will the curiosity kill the cat? Of course not in this case. Contrararily, it enjoys a fish feast with the assistance of Lumia 920!

Curious about what this cat does? It…

crouches on the wireless charging pillow while the phone is being charged;

opens the Nokia City Lens as its claw touches the supersensitive screen;

finds a great sushi restaurant for a fish feast via City Lens;

navigates to the restaurant using Nokia maps;

takes a photo of the restaurant using the awesome PureView camera under low light condition;

wipes out the unexpected passerby in the image thanks to Nokia Smart Shoot;

shares the image instantly from its owners’ Weibo account (Weibo, an Chinese counterpart of Twitter, is well integrated into the WP system in China), and friends of the cat’s owner immediately get the message and come to join in;

Finally it enjoys the fish,  and, those friends arrive and are astounded by the fact that it is the cat that makes this gathering call!…

(Love this story and the perfect integration of Nokia Lumia 920’s strengths into the ad!)

Nokia Lumia reaches 2 million activations in China

A quite note here, Nokia Lumia has reached 2 million activation milestone in China, according to a reliable source on Weibo (Chinese equivalent to Twitter) (the post in Weibo was deleted shortly after being published, but a Chinese WP8/7 forum reposted it and kept the information alive).  This is pretty impressive actually, considering in China Nokia’s share in smartphone market has been on a downward spiral way for several quarters, seeing about 98 percent of the whole market share in China going to iOS and Android in Q4, 2012. Under such circumstances, this 2-million number offers some hope for Nokia, as it indicates Nokia Lumia begins to get accepted by more and more people in China.

It’s been a tough year for Nokia in 2012, but Nokia didn’t lose faith and it endeavours to get a comeback in China. The strong cooperation with China Mobile for offering Lumia 920T (a TD-CDMA variation of Lumia 920) sees great potential for Nokia’s re-entry into the lucrative high-end smartphone market. Lumia 620, together with the upcoming Lumia 520, will definitely re-conquare the low-end market which is dominated by Android. We are confident that the growth for Nokia Lumia in China will be faster and faster. The hardware is really, it’s time for developers to contribute to get WP8 more and more robust!

More news about Nokia’s performance in China will follow, stay tuned.