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Nokia 101 — Vintage Nokia Collection

Nokia 101 (ATECS)

Nokia 101 (ETACS)

NOKIA 101, ETACS. announced in 1991, when I was a 4 years old toddler.

Guess what did I get as a Valentine’s present? A vintage Nokia phone (as shown above) that my girlfriend won in Ebay auction. This is the best present I’ve received so far, and it made my day :).  The phone is named as NOKIA 101, yes, it’s indeed 1o1, and don’t get confused with another Nokia 101 which came out in 2011 as a dual SIM device.

Battery for Nokia 101 (1991) VS battery for nokia 100 (2011)

Battery for Nokia 101 (1991) VS battery for nokia 100 (2011)

The battery is huge, I have to say, as if it was meant for the battery for a laptop, rather than a phone. However, this is only a 800mAh battery, with the same battery capacity but of a much larger size compared with the battery for Nokia 100 (the single SIM version of the new Nokia 101).

I was searching for the SIM card slot for a while, just trying to check if it still can make a phone call. However, I couldn’t find any, then I realized, oh dear, this phone was released before the age of SIM card. What a vintage it is! This Nokia 101 was on ETACS service, a European variant of the 1st generation (1G) of wireless communication. It’s the year 2013 now when 4G LTE is gaining its momentum, and the last ETACS service in the UK was discontinued by Vodafone in 2001. Had I owned a Nokia Lumia 920, I would put it aside with this Nokia 101, you know, 4G VS 1G.

Here are a few specs about this phone according to Nokia Museum, a very cool website for all Nokia fans:


  • English/French/Spanish Menus
  • Permanent Signal Strength Indicator
  • Permanent Battery Strength Indicator
  • Low Battery Tone And Message
  • Alpha Memory And Alpha Scroll
  • Dual Antenna System : 1/4 when extended; helix when retracted
  • Two Phone Number Capability
  • Memory Scan
  • Menu
  • Speed Dial
  • Own Number Display
  • Last Number Redial
  • Last Digit/All-Digit Clear
  • 50 Location Alphanumeric Memory Stores Up To 332 Digits And 16 Letters
  • System Select (A/B/S/H)
  • Call Timers: Last Call And Resetable Cumulative
  • Electronic Lock Facility
  • Emergency Call Override
  • Earpiece Volume Control (5 Levels)
  • Keypad Tone Control (On/Off)
  • Ringer Volume Selection (High/Low/Silent)
  • Call In Absence Indicator
  • DTMF Send
  • Scratchpad Memory
  • Supertwist LCD Display


  • 275 g with Standard NiCd Battery (BTH-2LU)
  • 315 g with Extended Battery (BTH-2SU OR BTH-2HU)


  • 167.6 mm x 55.9 mm x 20.3 mm


  • 0.6 watts ERP



That’s it, the Nokia 101, a cumbersome phone from 1990s. Does this phone cause resonance to any of you?