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Nokia HQ from Here maps

Nokia HQ from Here maps

(3D image of Nokia Headquarters, snapped from Here maps )

To be honest, I have never really tried exploring the world using Nokia’s Here maps in 3D mode till today. The first destination on my list is Nokia’s headquarters in Espoo, Finland. Although the property is not owned by Nokia now, it still remains the icon of Nokia’s old days. The more I stare at it, the stronger my desire of working for Nokia!

Travelling around those iconic cities via 3D map in here, I do however feel, the idea behind it is great but the quality of the images are still to improve.

First and foremost, The number of cities are so small. Paris, Beijing, Shanghai, HongKong, Edinburgh, just to name a few. So many great cities are missing from the list, which greatly limits people’s interest in using it.

secondly, The images are not detailed. I know this is a balance between image size and data loading time, but clear and vivid images can truly impress users. People who uses this cannot stop comparing it with Google Earth, and we need clear and sharp 3D images to beat Google Earth.

Last but not the least, more infomations can be provided to make it more informative. It can borrow something from ‘City Lens’, for example, names for landmarks or places of interest can automatically appear around the cursor.

In a nutshell, hope to see more updates for 3D maps, Come on, Nokia!