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More leaks for Nokia Lumia 1520

Thanks to a post on Kuqi website, China, more photos of the first Nokia phablet, which will be running Windows Phone 8 GDR3 and featuring a 20megapixel PureView camera and Snapdragon 800.

Check them below:




Two versions of Nokia EOS already in production stage?

Yes, we’ve already seen a ton of leaks about Nokia EOS, the upcoming flagship WP8 device featuring 41Megapixel and optical stablisation (as what you can see on 808 PureView and Lumia 920 separately) in its camera module, thanks to ViziLeaks and other anominous sources. What you would expect is a Lumia 920 variant with a huge camera huge, as shown below:

Lumia 920 on the left and EOS right

Lumia EOS back

The diameter for the protruding part is about 1/3 of the length of the phone, which is pretty conspicuous. The polycarbonate body on the EOS are in, at least, black, yellow and red, according to different sources of leaks. Some people may wonder, why Nokia keeps using polycarbonate rather than alluminum which can be found on the recent announced 925? Well, for those of you who love metal feel, Nokia has something to cater your taste, too. A recent leak on Weibo shows off the alluminum body variant of the EOS, and it’s indeed sexy, isnt it?


Found something different? Yes, apart from the metal chassis, the hole for camera module seems a bit smaller than that one the previously leaked polycarbonate EOS, this might indicate two things: 1), same camera module size but the alluminum version has a larger body (indicating a bigger screen); 2), same body size but the metal EOS packs with a smaller camera module.

So far there is no further leaks regarding this metal variant, and we are not sure whether this is just an engineering prototype at early stage or it is indeed in mass production (as you can notice in the background there are lots of such bodys lying around). Anyway, we do believe Nokia is using similar approach for EOS as to 92X series. As July 11th is approaching, we are looking forward to what’s really in Nokia’s sleeves.

Nokia’s London event will be livestreamed tomorrow

Evleaks rocks again, and leaks the Lumia 925 which is supposed to be announced tomorrow, so, check it out:

NOKIA LUMIA 925 @evleaks


With announcing the Asha 210, Asha 501, and Lumia 928, Nokia has been quite busy for the last couple of weeks, and this week is definitely going to be the climax for the recent tides of announcement for Nokia, as it will be holding an event at 10am (GMT+1) Tuesday this week in London. A teaser about the new generation of Lumia was aired last night on a TV channel here in the UK, showing off the lens and LED lights on the phone and claiming it is something ‘more than your eyes can see’.

The event will be livestreamed at Nokia Conversations, mark it in your calendar and you cannot miss it.

Don’t fight. Switch

Dear readers, watch this latest promo for Nokia Lumia 920 from Windows Phone team, it is indeed a nice try in terms of marketing and worth a good laugh!

Grant Hill promotes Windows Phone, featuring Lumia 920

Grant Hill, a great basketball player that I’ve been admiring for years, appears in a Windows Phone promo carrying a Nokia Lumia 920 and enjoying every bit of joy from his lovely family.

Cannot wait for Windows Phone 7.8? We can get the update manually!

Windows Phone 7.8 has been rolling out for several weeks across the globe, and people who has already updated their phones are enjoying their live tiles in a fresher way with every tile can be resized. WP7.8 offers more than that, you can make your own ringtune, you can tranfer music and photos via Bluetooth with other phones (what a leap!)…

However, a lot of Lumia users still haven’t got any update notifications when they connect their phones to Zune. Presumably the WP7.8 update rolls out on a zone basis, but users even in the same country weren’t treated in the same way, some of them got the update and others didn’t. Does this mean those who still get stuck in WP7.5 have to wait and wait? Not neccessarily. Some clever users have found a way to get your Lumia updated to WP7.8 and kudos goes to those guys who make our lives much easier. I’ve tried such methods posted in a Chinese forum about smartphones and succeeded in getting my girlfriend’s Lumia 800 updated to WP7.8 (thanks to her patience in repeating those steps).

I’d like to iterate and illustrate those methods (actually two) in this blog, and here we go:

What you need: a phone running WP7.5, a usb cable, and a PC with Zune installed on it, a timer(not a neccessity), most importantly, patience and a bit of luck, 🙂

Method 1:

  • Switch on ‘Flight Mode’ on your phone: go the Settings and you’ll find an item called Flight Mode.
  • Connect your phone to the PC, start Zune, click on the image of a phone down the left bottom side, see the yellow ellipse below:


  • Click on ‘settings’ and then click on ‘update’; when you click on ‘update’, try to time how many seconds does it take to get a new information page. (The length of this period of time varies, maybe ~45 seconds or ~8 seconds). Let’s call this period of time T
  • re-click update and start the timer (or you can count), when you reach T-2 second or so, SWITCH THE NEWWORK ON YOUR PC OFF! (you can unplug the cable or turn the WIFI off depending on how you connect to network)
  • wait and behold, you’ll notice a message saying ‘new update available
  • If you fail to got the message, repeat previous steps. It’s not exactly T-2 seconds when you switch network off.
  • Before following steps to update the phone, remember to switch the network on!

If the method above is not effective, you might want to try another one, this time we still need to switch the network off at the right time, but on the phone not on the PC.

Method 2:

  • Switch on WIFI or 3G mobile data on your phone
  • Switch the network off on your PC
  • Connect the phone to the PC, and open Zune
  • click on ‘phone’ image, select settings, and select ‘update’
  • time how many seconds does it take to lead to update information page, mark the time T
  • re-click update and start the timer (or you can count), when you reach T-2 second or so, SWITCH THE NEWWORK ON YOUR PHONE OFF! (WIFI or 3G, depends on what you’ve been on)
  • If you fail to got the message, repeat previous steps. It’s not exactly T-2 seconds when you switch network off.
  • Before following steps to update the phone, remember to switch the network on the PC on!

You might need to update your phone for three times to get WP7.8,  if you haven’t received any updates for quite a while. WP versions you might enounter with are:

It is version 7.10.8858.136 that brings WP7.8 to us! Good luck, guys!