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Is waterproof Nokia Lumia on the way?

Several days ago Nokia was reported as working with P2i,  a leader in liquid-repellent nano-coating technology, to develop a waterproof lumia phone.  Such a waterproof technology could be potenially introduced to Nokia’s next flagship phone (codenamed as ‘EOS’).

Nokia’s intention of adding a nano-coating waterproof layer to the phone doesn’t surprise me at all, as such a technique is getting more and more matured and can be commercialized easier than before. However, I wonder why Nokia doesn’t commercialize it’s own nano-coating technology but to partner with  P2i for a waterproof phone.

Back in 2011, during Nokia World 2011, the hydrophobic nanocoating technology developed by Nokia Research Centre (NRC), Cambridge, was demenstrated. The video in the news shows that NRC applied this technology to the Nokia 700 and added a layer of nanostructures which contain a very thin layer of air in them,  which aims to prevents the water from entering the surface.

Anyway, we are expecting some great products from Nokia this year. It’s quite likely that Nokia is perfecting the new flagship while cashing in on Lumia 920. Still the same old line, wait and behold, Nokia will shine in the year 2013!