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more leaks for Nokia Normandy (aka Nokia X )

The photos below are quite self-explanatory and more leaks about Nokia X are on the way:

nokia X 1392883985802 1392883985829 1392883985965


More leaks for Nokia Lumia 1520

Thanks to a post on Kuqi website, China, more photos of the first Nokia phablet, which will be running Windows Phone 8 GDR3 and featuring a 20megapixel PureView camera and Snapdragon 800.

Check them below:



More leaks about the multi-functional back cover for Lumia 1020

Leaks would never stop, when something big is about to be announced. A Russian news site just released more photos of the back cover that will fit well with the upcoming Lumia 1o20. This time, we are able to get a clear idea about how this accessory functions in multiple way.

On the bottom side, a standard tripod socket appears as shown in the picture above. This is indeed professional good for those avid photographers, who will try to make full use of the beast camera on such a smartphone. But the problem is, if you are serious enough to carry a tripod around, you certainly won’t mind having a DSLR on the go, which certainly will offer you more choices and fun in terms of photography itself. Smartphone camera needs to be handy, and this is something DSLR would never be able to deliver. If you think about fitting your smartphone to a tripod, would it still be handy? I don’t think so.

On the front side, a piece of rubber can be spotted, which will be used for better grip when you shoot photos or videos. The hump fits your palm well in an  ergonomic way.

On the top, there is a dedicated camera button. This picture speaks for itself already.

Then, on the right side, it’s all about the battery that will give your Lumia 1020 a 35% boost for power if you are on a heavy photo-taken mission. As you can see, a battery indicator and a micro USB port for charging the battery are aligned.

In a nutshell, This is a piece of well-designed accessory that will, only if priced properly, sell well! Nokia always have a tradition to make their beautiful yet functional accessories pricy to hold people back. Come on, Nokia, margin is important, but you need to sell them out for profit. You are not Apple and please be a little bit realistic on pricing.

My Nokia Collection till 06/07/2013

Behold, a sellection of Nokia phones are waiting for your comment!

The photo was shot by my Nokia N8, which, as a result, wasn’t taken into the scene; nevertheless, check these lovely phones and I am sure some of them accompanied you at your best ages!

Which else of Nokia should I get hold of in the future?





Optical Image Stablization illustrated by Nokia for promoting Lumia 925

Really haven’t updated the blog for a while, so, what’s been happening for Nokia?

Well, just one week to go to get the Nokia ‘EOS’ unveiled in New York, rumours and speculations regarding the phone are flying high in cybersphere. A recent leak indicates Lumia 1020  is the product name, which will be the first product to carry 4-digit name in the Lumia family. However, evleaks, the infamous leaking account on twitter, just tweeted that the name should actually be Nokia 909, following the name convention for Nokia’s pioneer in PureView category, the PureView 808. 1020 or 909, whichever names Nokia chooses to use actually doesn’t matter, what matters most is to get them hit the shelf as soon as possible.

Now, back to the topic for today, Optical Image Stablization. Nokia released a video vividly showing the components inside its current flagship, the Lumia 925 and highlighting how the light pass though those 6 layers of lenses when optical image stablization is on!

Check it out, and probably Samsung and HTC have already watched this video for dozens of times, you know what I mean, don’t you?

Two versions of Nokia EOS already in production stage?

Yes, we’ve already seen a ton of leaks about Nokia EOS, the upcoming flagship WP8 device featuring 41Megapixel and optical stablisation (as what you can see on 808 PureView and Lumia 920 separately) in its camera module, thanks to ViziLeaks and other anominous sources. What you would expect is a Lumia 920 variant with a huge camera huge, as shown below:

Lumia 920 on the left and EOS right

Lumia EOS back

The diameter for the protruding part is about 1/3 of the length of the phone, which is pretty conspicuous. The polycarbonate body on the EOS are in, at least, black, yellow and red, according to different sources of leaks. Some people may wonder, why Nokia keeps using polycarbonate rather than alluminum which can be found on the recent announced 925? Well, for those of you who love metal feel, Nokia has something to cater your taste, too. A recent leak on Weibo shows off the alluminum body variant of the EOS, and it’s indeed sexy, isnt it?


Found something different? Yes, apart from the metal chassis, the hole for camera module seems a bit smaller than that one the previously leaked polycarbonate EOS, this might indicate two things: 1), same camera module size but the alluminum version has a larger body (indicating a bigger screen); 2), same body size but the metal EOS packs with a smaller camera module.

So far there is no further leaks regarding this metal variant, and we are not sure whether this is just an engineering prototype at early stage or it is indeed in mass production (as you can notice in the background there are lots of such bodys lying around). Anyway, we do believe Nokia is using similar approach for EOS as to 92X series. As July 11th is approaching, we are looking forward to what’s really in Nokia’s sleeves.

Nokia’s next big event to unveil the long-awaited EOS

Righto, guys! Finally Nokia decides to get itself involved in the swirl of rumours and leaks of Nokia EOS, which would harness the beasty camera found on PureView 808, by announcing the date for its next big event.

11th July in New York, we are going to witness the birth of Nokia EOS, a camera-oriented WP8 smartphone, which is supposed to combine the 41MegaPixel sensor (for lossless zoom) and optical stablisation into the next generation of PureView!

28 days to go, guys, what else do you expect apart from Nokia EOS?

Nokia’s London event will be livestreamed tomorrow

Evleaks rocks again, and leaks the Lumia 925 which is supposed to be announced tomorrow, so, check it out:

NOKIA LUMIA 925 @evleaks


With announcing the Asha 210, Asha 501, and Lumia 928, Nokia has been quite busy for the last couple of weeks, and this week is definitely going to be the climax for the recent tides of announcement for Nokia, as it will be holding an event at 10am (GMT+1) Tuesday this week in London. A teaser about the new generation of Lumia was aired last night on a TV channel here in the UK, showing off the lens and LED lights on the phone and claiming it is something ‘more than your eyes can see’.

The event will be livestreamed at Nokia Conversations, mark it in your calendar and you cannot miss it.

Don’t fight. Switch

Dear readers, watch this latest promo for Nokia Lumia 920 from Windows Phone team, it is indeed a nice try in terms of marketing and worth a good laugh!

A Special Lumia Event will be on in London, May 14th, 2013

Lumia story continues

Yes, after months of speculations and leaking information of the upcoming Lumia device, finally we are getting there. Nokia will hold a special event in London to unveil its next product/products, and story of Lumia certainly will continue.

Lumia 928 might see the light in London during this event, but it makes more sense if Nokia teams up with Verizon for an event in the US, as Lumia 928 is said to be a Verizon-exclusive phone for US market. It’s very likely for ‘Catwalk’ to be shown on May 14th and replace Lumia 920’s duty of being a flagship phone. How about ‘EOS”? It might be there as well, but less likely, as Nokia needs schedule its star product smartly to compete with Apple’s iPhone 5s or 6 (whatever). Tom Warren of the Verge said this event can also be prepared for a Nokia tablet as well, which certainly would be a surprise for all Nokia fans!

Anyway, just 19 days to wait, stay tuned for more updates.