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Check how awesome the Zoom that Lumia 1020 would offer

Nokia Conversations, the official blog site from Nokia, just released the third picture of their own Lumia 1020 teasers, see below.

You may say, well, nothing special. how about zooming it in?

Still not impressed? Zoom in again?

Check how those details are depicted even when you zoom in by such a great ratio, and remember, no optical zoom is used at all! That’s the magic about Nokia’s 41 megapixels! 

The event to unveil this awesome smartphone will kick off in about 1 hour and a half, are you ready? ?!



More leaks about the multi-functional back cover for Lumia 1020

Leaks would never stop, when something big is about to be announced. A Russian news site just released more photos of the back cover that will fit well with the upcoming Lumia 1o20. This time, we are able to get a clear idea about how this accessory functions in multiple way.

On the bottom side, a standard tripod socket appears as shown in the picture above. This is indeed professional good for those avid photographers, who will try to make full use of the beast camera on such a smartphone. But the problem is, if you are serious enough to carry a tripod around, you certainly won’t mind having a DSLR on the go, which certainly will offer you more choices and fun in terms of photography itself. Smartphone camera needs to be handy, and this is something DSLR would never be able to deliver. If you think about fitting your smartphone to a tripod, would it still be handy? I don’t think so.

On the front side, a piece of rubber can be spotted, which will be used for better grip when you shoot photos or videos. The hump fits your palm well in an  ergonomic way.

On the top, there is a dedicated camera button. This picture speaks for itself already.

Then, on the right side, it’s all about the battery that will give your Lumia 1020 a 35% boost for power if you are on a heavy photo-taken mission. As you can see, a battery indicator and a micro USB port for charging the battery are aligned.

In a nutshell, This is a piece of well-designed accessory that will, only if priced properly, sell well! Nokia always have a tradition to make their beautiful yet functional accessories pricy to hold people back. Come on, Nokia, margin is important, but you need to sell them out for profit. You are not Apple and please be a little bit realistic on pricing.

Leaks about EOS are pouring out ahead of the announcement!

Thanks to WPCentral, another render of the ‘EOS’ surfaced. Apparently, EOS will be in bright yellow, white and black, which are iconic Lumia colours. Specs-wise, F/2.2, 41MP, and OIS are what we know so far, not sure what else is in Nokia’s sleeves though in terms of camera specs.

It’s not just about leaks for the phone itself, a Russian source posted an back cover for EOS, too!

This back cover fits perfectly with the phone and it contains a 1020mAh battery for extra power usage to the phone. The battery, according to this image, will be recharged via a MicroUSB port.

Less than three days to go, the biggest tech event of this summer will raise the bar for smartphone camera. Be there and be square!