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My order for the Jolla phone has been placed!

It’s been a while since my last update in the blog, so, what’s been happening?

Well, this post is not about Nokia itself, but still has something to do with Nokia. Every Nokia fan must have heard something about Jolla, and last week, on 20th May, Jolla unveiled their hardware finally! A brand new concept being ‘the other half’ and a sleek design are very alluring, and most importantly, the Sailfish OS offers elegancy, fluency, and freedom that no other OS can match!

Without any hesitation, I ordered the phone and this is the first non-Nokia phone I will be using. To be honest, in my eyes it still has some Nokia attachment as being the successor of the legendary N9 and MeeGo!

Hope Jolla can have the phones and the best smartphone experience delivered in time by the end of the year, Come on!



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