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Asha 501, a refreshed start for Nokia’s Asha series

Finally, the much anticipated Asha 501 was unveiled by Mr. Stephen Elop in New Delhi today. It’s been about 1 year and a half since the first Asha product saw the light, and Nokia has been investing a lot in making Asha appealing to young people, developing countries, and people who don’t want to spend too much on the phone but still need access to the internet.

From keyboard to qwerty keyboard, from touch+keyboard to full touch, Asha has been evolving to meet people’s different needs for a phone. Aiming at a price point that around and below $100, and it proves very popular to date. However, the competition in feature phone and low-end smartphone market is fierce and Nokia needs something fresh to reinforce its position,

That where Asha 501 come in. Asha 501, defined as the first smartphone in Asha family, runs on the brand-new Asha platform and offers a refreshed UI that gives you what N9 has impressed you, SWIPE. You can switch between home screen and the ‘fastlane’, a log for your recent phone activities, by a single gesture, ‘swipe’. The Asha OS offers something that low-end Android handsets cannot match, namely, smoothness and responsiveness.

Nokia, with its superior Xpress brower, compresses the data in the cloud and save you up to 90% of data usage when you browse Internet. This is truly meaningful for a lot of people who have limited access to the mobile internet and make every dime you spent on data worthwhile.

Appwise, all the mainstream apps like facebook, twitter, and etc. have all made their ways to Asha OS; EA offers 40 free games as usual, Gameloft and other big names are working hard to bring more apps and games to this brand-new platform.  What worth noting here is the data spent on facebook via an Asha 501 won’t be charged to your data plan, thanks to the partnership between Nokia and Facebook.

In terms of hardware, you can find 3.2 mp camera, WIFI, Bluetooth 3.0, expandable memory, 3.0″ 320X240 capacitive touch screen, and a battery offers up to 17 hours’ talk time and 48 days’ standby.

Last but not the least, this entry-level smartphone costs only $99!


One response to “Asha 501, a refreshed start for Nokia’s Asha series

  1. Zhiang Guo May 9, 2013 at 12:13 pm

    48 days’ standby!!!!

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