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A Special Lumia Event will be on in London, May 14th, 2013

Lumia story continues

Yes, after months of speculations and leaking information of the upcoming Lumia device, finally we are getting there. Nokia will hold a special event in London to unveil its next product/products, and story of Lumia certainly will continue.

Lumia 928 might see the light in London during this event, but it makes more sense if Nokia teams up with Verizon for an event in the US, as Lumia 928 is said to be a Verizon-exclusive phone for US market. It’s very likely for ‘Catwalk’ to be shown on May 14th and replace Lumia 920’s duty of being a flagship phone. How about ‘EOS”? It might be there as well, but less likely, as Nokia needs schedule its star product smartly to compete with Apple’s iPhone 5s or 6 (whatever). Tom Warren of the Verge said this event can also be prepared for a Nokia tablet as well, which certainly would be a surprise for all Nokia fans!

Anyway, just 19 days to wait, stay tuned for more updates.


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