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Nokia published results for Q1,2013

Yesterday Nokia released its quarterly results for Q1, 2013 and there are several numbers regarding mobile phones and smartphones that worth being highlighted:

  • Sales of Lumia series climbed to 5.6 million units for Q1, with an QoQ increase as 27%; two thirds of Lumia are on Windows Phone 8;
  • 55 million of dumbphones and Asha series were shipped in total, dropped by 30% on a quarter-on-quarter base;
  • Asha full touch phones only achieved 5 million units, a great drop compared with 9.4 million in Q4, 2012

The complete interim report can be found here.

Although 5.6million Lumias are nothing compared with the shippment of Galaxy and iPhone, this still shows hope for Nokia’s future in this fierce war of smartphones. Mr Stephen Elop suggested a hero Lumia phone will come to a major US carrier in this quarter (presumably Lumia 928 for Verison), and a series of great Lumia devices will ensue in the upcoming months.


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