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Rumor updates for Lumia 928, Catwalk, and EOS

Nokia Lumia 928 (Verizon-exclusive) got leaked (via @evleaks)

Have you spotted something interesting from pictures above? Yes, this Verizon variant of Lumia 920, presumed to be called Lumia 928, sports a Xenon flash! Believe it or not, Lumia 928 will see the light on or around 8th, April according to Nokiapoweruser.  Global readers won’t get too much excited by this US-only model, however, what delights us is that Xenon flash comes back since the Nokia PureView 808.

There are some recent rumours regarding Catwalk and EOS as well.

Speaking of the Catwalk, an upgrade of Lumia 920 with slimmer design and aluminum body, it will come to T-mobile in the US market as RM-893 and to global market as RM-892. Calwalk is purported to be unveiled on May 15th in London.

Codenamed as EOS, the next generation of PureView (presumably a combination of 41MegaPixels sensor and Optical Image Stablization system) will say hello to the world on May 15th as well, according to @Flapic on twitter.

Stay tuned for more info.

PS: today the well-known @evleaks released another rendering of Lumia 928, this time it’s in white, see below:

Lumia 928 (via @evleaks from Twitter)



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