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Lumia 720 and 520 head to China today

Lumia 720 and 520 released in Beijing China (source: )

During an event held by Nokia China today, Lumia 720 and Lumai 520, which were announced at MWC2013 last month, made their ways to a market with about 1 billion active mobile accounts.

As previously mentioned, Nokia has experienced a tough time in China, seeing Android and iPhone dominate about 90% of the smartphone market. Lumia 520, the cheapest Windows Phone 8 device to date, aims to attack the ‘Smartphone of 1000 yuan’ category and brings a whole new smartphone experience to the grassroots in China, while Lumia 720 introduces the high-end camera experience to the mid-range smartphone category. With Lumia 920 focusing on lucrative high-end smartphone market, Nokia’s Lumia family now is ready to fight back.

Lumia 520, priced at 1299 RMB (138GBP) in (one of the largest online retailers in China), gained great attention immediately after it was opened for reservation. Cyan version now is listed as ‘sold out’. Lumia 720 is priced as 2499 RMB, and will be opened for ordering soon.  Besides, China Mobile will also carry 520T and 720T as  Lumia 520 and 720’s TD-CDMA variation respectively.


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