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Nokia Lumia reaches 2 million activations in China

A quite note here, Nokia Lumia has reached 2 million activation milestone in China, according to a reliable source on Weibo (Chinese equivalent to Twitter) (the post in Weibo was deleted shortly after being published, but a Chinese WP8/7 forum reposted it and kept the information alive).  This is pretty impressive actually, considering in China Nokia’s share in smartphone market has been on a downward spiral way for several quarters, seeing about 98 percent of the whole market share in China going to iOS and Android in Q4, 2012. Under such circumstances, this 2-million number offers some hope for Nokia, as it indicates Nokia Lumia begins to get accepted by more and more people in China.

It’s been a tough year for Nokia in 2012, but Nokia didn’t lose faith and it endeavours to get a comeback in China. The strong cooperation with China Mobile for offering Lumia 920T (a TD-CDMA variation of Lumia 920) sees great potential for Nokia’s re-entry into the lucrative high-end smartphone market. Lumia 620, together with the upcoming Lumia 520, will definitely re-conquare the low-end market which is dominated by Android. We are confident that the growth for Nokia Lumia in China will be faster and faster. The hardware is really, it’s time for developers to contribute to get WP8 more and more robust!

More news about Nokia’s performance in China will follow, stay tuned.


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