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Nokia has been under its new strategy for exactly two years

Yesterday marks the 2nd anniversary of Nokia’s new strategy, how time flies!

I am not going to act as a professional like Tomi Ahonen, who ruthlessly bashes Nokia and Mr. Elop’s jumping out of the ‘burning platform’. As a fan of Nokia, I just would like to list some facts, express a few thoughts and that’s all.

Yes, exactly two years ago, Mr. Stephen Elop announced Nokia’s new strategy as partnering with Microsoft for adopting Windows Phone OS. The consequences are astonishing: sales of symbian-based smartphones underwent a free fall, the company went into losses for six straight quarters, several factories were closed, and most importantly, once the king of mobile industry lost its crown and just became a player trying to survive this hard competition.

These troubles were widely thought as triggered by that famous memo by Elop, which was known as ‘Burning Platform Memo’ and was supposed to alert Nokians but backfired on Nokia in the smartphone battle. (@anonymousexnokian ‘s blog went into great details analysing its impacts). Regarding the memo, I want to iterate only one thing: It is the leak of the memo that causes troubles, not the memo itself!

We have witnessed Nokia’s market share in smartphone plummeted from 30% to 3%; we have seen Nokia’s share price fell as low as $1.78; we have experienced retailers’ reluctance to recommend Nokia phones, so on and so forth. These facts are indeed hard to accept, but it is what it is.

During this two-years course, there are, however, a bunch of highlights from Nokia which again prove that Nokia is still a great company with advanced technologies that no player can compete. Nokia introduced a lot of cool technologies and maintained it’s leading role in innovation. Oversampling technology and 41megapixels camera on Pureview 808, Optical stablisation on Lumia 920, wireless charging, augmented reality dubbed as ‘Nokia city lens’, Puremotion HD+ super-sensitive display, polycarbonate unibody and double shot of colour, flexible phone and hydrophobic nanocoating… Innovations never stop at Nokia. This is crucial for Nokia’s revival!

Speaking of Windows Phone OS, it is indeed fresh air. I do like Microsoft’s solution about the user interface, which is all about glanceability, which means you can get most of the info in a very easy and quick way. The problem is, it is a bit late for such a great OS to join the party. When it comes to the playground, there is barely not space for it. However, the progress is being made every day, with the growth of WP8, I have a lot of faith in its success! People might complain about its lack of features that may be found even in Symbian, but it’s just a matter of time, this OS will become full-fledged with the involvement of developers and other OEMs.

I believe the worst time for Nokia has passed and now it’s the new dawn. The MWC2013 is just around the corner, Nokia will come back to the stage and superise everyone with its amazing products. The battle gets tougher and tougher, but deeply in my heart I still have faith in Nokia, only because of one thing, this is a company that truly innovates!


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