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Is the teaser picture taken by Nokia EOS? Probably, wait and behold

Firsr of all, happy Chinese New Year, the year of snake!

Thank you Nokia team for posting such a cool greeting picture on their facebook page ( !!! 诺基亚,蛇年大吉!

Nokia’s greeting to Chinese New Year, the year of SNAKE!

(Courtesy of NOKIA, Nokia facebook page)


OK, back to the theme:

We’ve already been familiar the  rumour of a Lumia WP8 device packed with the next generation of PureView is being baked in Nokia’s house now. With EOS as it’s codename, the new WP8 PV phone is said to be potentially unveiled on MWC 2013, which is just a fortnight left to get kicked off.

A picture uploaded to Nokia’s official facebook page caused a bit turmoil yesterday, and tickled our curiosity about Nokia’s new camera king. The photo ( shows a stunning winter landscape in front of Nokia’s HQ, and interestingly enough, Nokia asked if facebookers could spot those ice-fishing guys in the middle of the photo. Can we? Of course, we can!

Courtesy of Nokia

Courtesy of NOKIA (Nokia facebook page)


Although Nokia clarified that the photo was snapped by a Lumia 920, we still cannot sustain our question about if it’s indeed a teaser about EOS.Any thoughts?


Does the GIF picture in this link ( ring the bell? I wonder if Joe Belfiore and his mate were actually those ice-fishing guys shown in the aforementioned  photo taken probably by Nokia EOS?

Stay tuned…


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